But First, The 4 Secrets I Used To Hit Young Living Gold In 6 Months 
With No Classes

-How to get people's attention without having to look like a salesperson

-How to nurture the "no's", into leads that end up joining in a couple of months

-How to bring in and empower people that want to build the business WITH you, and help them succeed

-How to help new people know what to say when people ask them questions about signing up (this is huge for duplication of your really doesn't need to be difficult)

-How you will set your team apart from every other team in Young Living, thus showing people why they want to sign up with you in specific.

-How to make a simple social media post, and have 5-100 leads off just that one post...

See why I never did classes? It was never necessary.

If I could talk to people every day about what they wanted, and I could help them with that, 
what else do we need?

Nothing! :)

Now, let's get started!

I don't know what time it is there, but you may still be able to take the course and get a few sign ups before the day is over!

XO Martha

P.S., people think I'm nuts for giving away my "secret sauce" but the way I see it...there's room for all of us at the table. Now let's build a longer table!

P.S.S., you will ALSO gain FREE lifetime access to my Gold in 6 Student group, where I do continued coaching, training, give feedback and ideas on how to implement the strategies in the course. will have every single thing you need.


Do you have trouble thinking of what to do in your business every day?
What about how to methodically grow your team? Need help with that?
Are you wanting to hit every single step of Silver Bound?
Then this is for you!
This is the onboarding program to end ALL onboarding programs.
This is going to give you direction as though you are working for a billion dollar company (which technically you are ;) )..
This is that on ramp to your success you have been looking for!
I share a lot that my success was not by accident, but rather by design.
So, here's what I'm going to do.
I am going to give you DAILY prompts , M-F every single week for a YEAR.
I am going to share short videos that walk you through performing many tasks in the VO, and get you acquainted with the tools you will need to know about and understand how to use them best.
I will share my opportunity video so you can have it for your future potential builders.
I am going to give you CONFIDENCE that comes from working with someone that knows their stuff, both in this business, and quite frankly, any business.
This is what I saw as missing in our world.
So, I did what I do, and served the need. And to be super clear, I will be plugging my own team into this as well.
I create programs for my team, then share with all of #TeamYL :)
Now, are you READY?!

In BRING ON THE BUILDERS, you will learn:

-You Will Develop The Mindset Of A Royal Crown Diamond (You Know I Love Mindset, Right?)

-You Will Learn How To Talk To Your Business Builder Prospects In Messenger In A Way That Does Not Feel Yucky, But Gets The Job Done.

-You Will Learn How To Find The Best Business Builder Prospects For Young Living, And For Your Team In Specific.

-You Will Have A Copy/Paste Conversation Guide To Walk You Through What To Say And When. (The When Part Is Actually Really Important, But You'll Learn More About That Later)

-You Will Get A Video That Walks Through The Business Opportunity Featuring Yours Truly. If You've Ever Used Other Network Marketing Professional's Advice, They Suggest Having A Video Or Tool, But One Doesn't Currently Exist For Young Living, So I Made One :) 

-You Will Learn How To Handle Objections And Sign Them Up If It's A Good Fit For Them, THEN You Will Set Them On This Same Path! Duplication For The Win!! Sign Them Up, Then Show Them Exactly How To Do It As Well. I Mean, Boom.

-Finally The End Result Is You Signing Up BUILDERS With The Intention Of BUILDING, That Are Ready To BUILD, And Know Exactly What To Do, And Have The GRIT And HUSTLE They Need To Do It!

I Mean, Imagine That! You Can Help Families Become Financially FREE....AND You Can Help Your Own Family At The Same Time...AND Are Getting Everyone In A Better Place Toxin And Healthwise...Win, Win, Win Friends....Just Like I LOVE IT!

And A Challenge Wouldn't Be Complete Without PRIZES, Now, Would It?! More On That Later, But Know There Will Be Prizes....Lots And Lots Of Prizes :)

XO Martha

P.S., You Will ALSO Gain FREE Lifetime Access To My Facebook Group I Deliver This 15 Day Group Coaching Challenge In. Basically...You Will Have Every Single Thing You Need. 20 in 30: The Oily Way....

Who knows about Eric Worre’s 20 in 30? That’s signing 20 ppl up in 30 days. 🤓

I love him VERY much, but there are some things that need to be tweaked for YL.

Not only that, but I am always a big fan of building a strategy, so a do this, do that scenario, right?

So, from 30,000 ft, GO for Gold is the blueprint, and the framework you use to nurture a lead into a member in a heartfelt, authentic way...

Now there are many CAMPAIGNS you can use to drive people into your system.

Eric’s 20 in 30 is a campaign...

At the Dream 1000 trip, we were challenged to do 20 in 30 in February...

Let me tell you a quick story about when I did a 20 in 30.....I got 45 in 30 😳 🙌

So here’s what I’m doing.

I’m going to have a 20 in 30 CHALLENGE that gives you EVERYTHING YOU NEED to CRUSH this!!!!

You know how I roll. Strategy. Implementation. Verbiage. All of it!
Who’s in?!?

Let’s DO THIS!!! 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌

AND FINALLY....You will receive THREE MONTHS of my Mastermind Group, Diamond Lane!

Here's what you can expect there:

Weekly Group Coaching on topics like Leadership, Converting Team Members to Builders, Keeping Your Builders Inspired, and Time Management/ Work-Life Balance

​Daily tiered Methods of Operations, for both your own personal signups, strategy and stacking
​As well as daily prompts to keep your builders motivated.

​A ongoing Social Media Strategy created specifically for our Young Living businesses
​Intensive ongoing training on how to become an authority in our industry and monetize the crud out of that.

​Learn to gather testimonials and use them to attract people that had no idea they even wanted to join, OR build!

​How to create an awesome Facebook Live
​How to write copy people want to read
​How to find the perfect SERVICE for your service group
​How to hire quality people to help you without breaking the bank
​How to choose the perfect LEAD MAGNET (you'll also know what one of those is :) )
​How to set up team calls, classes, graphics and so on, on a digital platform apart from Facebook
​How to create a blog that brings in fully qualified leads (or people that are perfect members)
​How to host a killer large event
​How to make your specialty group into a side gig
​How to make sure your website shows up near the top of the search engines
​And so much more...

​Learn the absolute value of an email list, and how to set it up, automate it, and build it like the boss you are!

​You will gain access to a Facebook group for you to ask your questions, whatever they may be, all content will be delivered via that group.

​You will also get deeper discounts than anyone else (sometimes totally free) on future courses.

​You will get exclusive access to limited 1:1 coaching spots (not available to anyone outside of my own team)

​Stay up to date on how to position timely YL promos

​AND you will get to go to my LIVE EVENTS at a discount!

​Become the Royal Crown Diamond leader you already know you are!

​Also, as bonuses, you will get interviews with a financial advisor and more fun people that I bring in!

​There are a few additional bonuses as well that will just be a SURPRISE!!

​After you join, you will be able to breathe deep, knowing you have made the best decision of your entire life. You know me. You know how I roll. #Getthefluffout 
​You're about to grow....and it will be FUN! 

OK you literally get ALLLLLLLL of this in this bundle!

In total, that would typically be $857

BUT you get it for $397 in this bundle!!

Just click the button below to get started.

What People Are Saying
Success Stories

"Martha made it extremely easy to make the jump mentally. She was there every step of the way for me. She is the reason I was able to grow my team to 150 in 5 months and make my goal of Silver in 4! 

She has helped me feel more comfortable in my skin and just being me! She is there for every single one of us and it makes everyone feel united!."

Allison, Silver, Iowa

"Martha empowers you and gives you all the tools needed to succeed. She encourages you to be your authentic self and shows you how to utilize your personal strengths for long term success. 

With Martha's guidance, I was able to expand my team of powerhouse individuals to over 50 people in just 3 months."

Rachel, Executive, Iowa

"Executive in 3 months! Martha gives you the tools to succeed through what she teaches and how she leads her team. She invests in showing you how to use your personal strengths to bring you success as well as personal growth.
This is how I built my team and was able to leave my day job to pursue this life of “working” part time hours for full time pay. It only goes up from here!"

Danelle, Executive, Iowa
(this is all in the last 8 months)
  • Hit Silver in 3 Months with Young Living 2019
  • Hit Gold in 6 Months with Young Living 2019
  • Built One of the Fastest Growing Teams in Young Living Without Teaching Classes,  2019
  • Found All Success Online, 2017
  • Has a Team of Mama's and Grandmama's Duplicating EXACTLY what I am Doing with Success, 2019
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